Norway by Bike

Norway is not an issue very well solved inside of me since my backpacking trip around Europe. By that time I visited Oslo, Bergen, Flåm, and went to Bodø to see the midnight sun. I came across a lush nature!

A perfect combination of blues of the sky and sea, the green of the forests, and the snowy peak mountains reflected on the water with the colorful little houses creating a special charm to the place. The fjords penetrated my eyes in such a way that when I remember them, I still feel that wonderful feeling typical to anyone who visits an extraordinary place for the first time. That delicious sensation felt in the skin when the heart beats fast taking our the breath away as tears spring in our eyes.

It all happens at once. In a few seconds we feel like we were born again. You know how it is, isn’t it ? I immediately fell in love with that place, and I always said to myself: “One day I’ll be back ! ” This day has come ! Or rather, is coming ! At last I will know Norway from a little closer. I want to know its people and the its customs, photograph nature, and, above all, taste and register its cuisine from the north to the south of the country.

To be able to do this, I chose a different way to travel, in such a way that it will allow me to be a totally integratated with the nature, giving me the opportunity to feel the time as it goes by, without rushing, in a way I had never experienced before.

A challenge in search of self knowledge, whereas my physical conditioning, will power, overcoming and faith will be tested at the same time.

I confess! I have always liked challenges, but to decide to go on this trip was not a bit easy.

Just like my trip to Everest, taking a decision to go to Norway didn’t let me sleep for a couple of days. My professional responsibilities became a great obstacle as well as being a father. Not to mention finances and availability of time.

I learned from the Vikings, that to move ahead, it is necessary to leave some things behind. This extraordinary people use to set fire on their own ships before heading to war, therefore, leaving no alternative behind, but to win the battle and defeat the adversary.

At the moment, I am breaking my routine, and breaking the paradigms that life has to be totally planned from the beginning to the end. In my opinion, life has to be a passion, and one of the ways to fall in love with it , is to let our dreams come true and do what we have always wanted to do. I leave in the pursuit of one more dream ! Perhaps the most challenging of my whole life ! A dream that has to be planned and that requires attention to all the details. I will cycle throughout the Norwegian shore !

Starting from the capital Oslo, I will go up to the border with Russia, almost 5000 km northward, reaching 71 degrees latitude north, getting to the northernmost point of Europe, in a totally unknown territory for me, about 800 km above the Arctic Circle (66 ° N), where I will face rain, wind and a temperature between -5 and + 20 ° C.

It will be more than 100 days of cycling in search for local cooking recipes, only with the basic equipment which a bicycle and a trailer can carry, such as tent, sleeping bag, stove, GPS, camera and clothes needed to support rain and cold temperatures.

As if this adventure was not exciting by itself, It is also fact that I will be the first Brazilian to cycle throughout the Norwegian coast, therefore I have no previous references about this trip.
I trust in my organizational skills and in my planning. I need to be attentive for any event not expected and try to preview it.

Track conditions, weather, bike waste as well as my body conditions… All these are issues that I have to anticipate from now and think of all the possibilities.

Nevertheless, the most difficult is already done. And the first step has been given. The tickets were bought, Now, I have to get physically and mentally prepared for this challenge that many think is crazy, but for me, it is a completely possible dream.

The trip has already started ! Follow in the blog, the preparation, training and the next steps !

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