I still have it stamped in my eyes retina the first time I saw the picture of the highest mountain in the world. I was still a kid, maybe 9 or 10 years old. . I had no idea of the dimension of 8.848m. My parents had just bought an important encyclopedia for me for school work. At that time to research in the Internet was something for the future.
The encyclopedia took the whole space of a shelf in a brown wooden cabinet on one of the walls of our living room. Right below it, there was a sound appliance. For the first time, there was a show of Rita Lee (a Brazilian famous pop singer) in town. “Lança Perfume”(Perfume Spear, a Brazilian pop hit)) was non stop playing on the radio. I was given a LP ( Long Play – vinyl record), which I can´t remember who gave me, but the record was almost perforated of so much playing, while I was reading every single page of the 15 volumes of the encyclopedia. As the first picture of the Everest, I also remember many other things. I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time, where Alberto Santos Dumont made his so famous flight ( dreams of a boy….to fly a plane…), I saw the Grand Canyon, pictures of Alaska, the Fuji mountain in Japan, the Pyramides in Egypt and like any normal child, I kept all these images and many others, in a very special corner of my mind. Every once in a while a visit them in my thoughts.
The truth is that it has been a long time since I don’t open the encyclopedia. Every time I go to Marilia ( my home town) to visit my parents, I can still notice its obsolete nobility on the shelves. Up there where no one can reach it. Maybe that’s how it all began…
This has never been an obstinacy. I have never traced my life path in a way that I would one day, maybe, go to the The Everest. The Everest had for me the same importance of any other interesting place on earth to be known. In my traveling style it is more important to associate an uncommon place with a personal challenge. To know Europe is not very difficult. Difficult is to travel around 24 countries during six months, alone, with a budget of U$ 37.00 a day without speaking English. Well, but this story I have already told. And it had been a long time since I didn´t go on a trip like this. A trip that you remember for all your life with a felling that it has been the most exciting thing you had done in your life. The kind of trip that attracts the interest of anyone. Once more time I needed to expel from the inside of me boldness, courage, and real feeling into a trip. To go on a trip that would once more leave a trace in my personality. A trip full of feelings and interior analyses. I needed to talk to myself, reorganize some ideas, and above all, search, if not the right path for my future life, at least the most interesting way to follow.
Today it is clearer what I want from life. What it´s missing now, is to find a way to hunt for this future of mine. I will search little by little, step by step, like in this adventure that has shown me that nothing resists to the “easy and slow”style.
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