From China to Home by Bike (Current Project – since november 2013)

12_marca_verde_amarelo_enI have no doubts this will be the greatest of all my adventures. Much larger than anything I have ever planned so far in my life It’s one of those impossible dreams we have kept somewhere inside us In fact it was something I had thought for some time, but always denied myself to think more deeply about it … however for some reason I changed, and there I go, hand in hand with the courage, which I don’t exactly know where it comes from, to live another big dream!

The idea keep going after the Asia by bike project was something that haunted me ever since I started the trip back in China. I amincreasingly fascinated by the unknown day and the dream to travel around the world by bike … I do think this plan is too much for a guy on the forties… But every time I think of what I went through here, I wonder : why not? If not now, then when?
I usually talk about courage, or the lack of it, but this time I was able to slice this damn courage slowly. I thought a lot. Much more than you can imagine. Each obstacle seemed huge at first and ended up becoming smaller or easily resolvable as I dedicated a while to find solutions. My daughter? My apartment? My debts? My commitments? Little by little I could find the ideal solution for each torments. I then decided to extend the trip and I was happy for the decision I made.
That’s it, I’m going from China to home by bike And I think that will be the name of this project, challenge or crazy, whatever you want to call. If you already know me, probably you know what I’m looking for If I may summarize, I would say I am in search of adventure, new cultures, photography and food. I want to go back when it is time, and I’m sure the time is not now. I do not knowwhen it will be. I have a new perspective of the world, and it becomes smaller and smaller under my pedals. I feel I can go further,much further until I get home. I want to discover every place and dive myself truly what makes me sense. Like me, you might be wondering many things I do not have all the answers, but I have all the willingness in the world to find them out.

The journey will be long, I have only the next scheduled set up: Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Then I return to Asia and head towards the west. A lot is open, I  do recognize the risks of an adventure with these proportions and hope to be lucidenough to manage them in the best possible way.
I believe the bike gives me the ideal speed to put me in touch with people, show me and teach me a lot what still needs to learnt orthat I lack to be a person better. I am motivated by faith and grounded in my principles. I am going slowly, but I’m on the way.

2 comentários em “From China to Home by Bike (Current Project – since november 2013)

  1. citation2b disse:

    Good luck! Sounds amazing!

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