About me

I was born in Marília – SP – Brazil. I have always loved sports and I graduated in Physical Education at the State University of Londrina – PR. I love the northeast of Brazil so I decided to live on the coast of Alagoas, where I spent two seasons implementing and coordinating a Recreation and Leisure project. I have studied in England. I have traveled in more than 20 countries in Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa. I finally arrived in Sao Paulo in 1998 to do my first post-graduation. I have been a Personal Trainer since then, accumulating vast experience in this field. I have worked at SESC – Vila Mariana, at the Body One gym, in the Runner gym network. I have been Exercise Physiologist for ten years in the largest network of gyms in Brazil, Formula – Body Tech. In 2007 I took an 18 months course of “Chef Training,” to make this hobby of mine, a little more, shall we say “professional.” I love cooking for my family and friends, especially my daughter Ana Laura, who as she’s growing, leaves the kitchen in my house even more excited. After having visited various places in the world, I have recently discovered what I really like. I don’t only like to know just the places, but I like to each time take on more competitive challenges and to do things that few people would have the courage to do. I found myself on the trail to Everest base camp in Nepal in 2009, where I learned that all challenges are overcome step by step. Due to my taste for challenge, the feeling of realizing it, combined with a magnificent place, I am traveling to realize a dream even more challenging: to bike along the entire Norwegian coast, from Oslo to its most northern point on the Russian border, almost 5000km. In each region I will look for their customs, habits and typical recipes in order to after this mission, spread the culture, and share it with all those who are interested in this.

4 comentários em “About me

  1. buddha disse:

    Of course i am ready to help to you.please send me your details program in Nepal Tour.please tell me what kinds of help do you need ? I am ready to serve to you.
    Thank you.
    With best regards
    buddha tandukar

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